Messianic Jewish Theology

What is Messianic Jewish Theology? How is it different from most of the influential Christian theologies of today including Covenant, Dispensational, Dialectical and Liberal? This course will especially seek to develop a hermeneutic (interpretive) approach to the Bible that coheres with the Bible’s own self-description. From this we will build a theology of the Mosaic Torah, the Prophets, the Synoptics, John, Acts, Paul, and the general epistles. The emphasis will be on how Messianic Jewish theology speaks to salvation, law and grace, Israel’s election, the Church, and Eschatology.
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Messianic Jewish Theology Instructor

  Rabbi Dan Juster
Daniel Juster, Professor B. A. Philosophy, Wheaton College; M. Div., McCormick Theological Seminary; Graduate Study (1969-1971), Trinity Ev. Divinity School; Th. D., New Covenant International Seminary. Dr. Juster was the leader of Adat HaTikvah in Chicago, 1972-1978; Beth Messiah Metro, Washington, D. C., 1978-2000; President and General Secretary of the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations, 1979-1988; Director Tikkun International, 1984-present. Appointment as adjunct professor, Fuller Theological Seminary, TKS, and Messianic Jewish Bible Institute. Rabbi Juster is the author of several books. He lives half time in Israel.

Course Lessons